Startup Internationalisation
Bootcamp 2021

Join the internationalisation bootcamp and learn about the opportunities internationalisation is creating for startups at basically every stage of their journey, from MVP development to scaling.

27th & 28th October, 2021


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The Bootcamp - What's in it for you?

The Internationalisation Bootcamp is made for prospective founders, startups and scale-ups from all over Europe who...
1. look for the right place to launch their business
2. would like to develop an MVP without getting poor
3. want to learn more about financing opportunities and startup support in other European locations
4. look for partners and sales opportunities in major European markets including France, Germany, Italy and Spain
During the Internationalisation Bootcamp 2021 you will be able to...

How your project can profit from internationalisation


In country-specific workshops

Taking Notes

Whether you're ready

Checking a Tablet

A trip to the European country you want to expand in

Want to know more?
Check out what we have in store for you across the two days of the bootcamp
Reach out to our colleague Ronja and she will be happy to answer your questions

Countries we specialize in

germany (1).png
germany (1)_edited.jpg

GDP: 3.8 Trillion
Population: 83 Million

Startup Ecosystem
Ranking: 5th

Top Industries: Education, Foodtech, Health


france (1).png
france (1)_edited.jpg

GDP: 2.7 Trillion
Population: 67 Million

Startup Ecosystem
Ranking: 12th

Top Industries: Hardware & IoT, Leisure, E-commerce 


italy (1).png
italy (1)_edited.jpg

GDP: 2 Trillion
Population: 59 Million

Startup Ecosystem
Ranking: 29th

Top Industries: Foodtech, Health, Energy & Environment


spain (1).png
spain (1)_edited.jpg

GDP: 1.3 Trillion
Population: 47 Million

Startup Ecosystem
Ranking: 15th

Top Industries: E-commerce, Foodtech, Software & Data


and MORE

Our Speakers

Alisa Sydow

Alisa, an Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Turin Campus, is also the CEO and Co-founder of Nampelka GmbH


CEO and Co-founder, Nampelka
Professor of Entrepreneurship, ESCP Turin Campus
Steffen Terberl
Steffen Terberl.jpg

Steffen is responsible for knowledge and technology transfer at Freie Universität Berlin. As head of Profund Innovation, his focus is on promoting technology- and knowledge-based start-ups.


Head of Profund Innovation, Freie Universität Berlin
René Mauer 

Along his role at Jean-Baptiste Say Institute, René is also the Founder and Managing Partner at Effectuation Intelligence.


European Head, Jean-Baptiste Say Institute for Entrepreneurship & Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, ESCP Berlin Campus
Tomek Nowinski
tomek nowinski.jpg

After graduating from Warsaw School of Economics, Tomek created three companies and three kids. His companies included the first Polish daily deal site, the most popular Polish hotel booking. 


Senior Director, Brand and Marketing,
Kasa Living, Inc.
Matthias Mrożewski

Matthias is heading the Blue Factory and is in charge of the third party project "ESCP BEST Place" aiming at making ESCP Berlin business school the best place for startups to jump from into other European markets.


Junior Professor for International Entrepreneurship, ESCP Berlin Campus
Philipp Kövener

Philipp helps to promote the Digital Hub
Initiative internationally.
The initiative is a flagship digitalization project of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and
Energy (BMWi), aiming to build a leading digital start-up ecosystem in Germany with global reach.


Program Manager Trend & Innovation Scouting,
Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI)
Danny Stephens

Danny consults companies investing in Germany on how to improve their business case. He holds an MBA in finance from the University of Leicester and has been with GTAI for eight years


Senior Manager, Finance and Incentives
Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI)
Nicola Lambert
Nicola Lambert-picuture.jpeg

Nicola began his career in an investment fund before becoming the Country Manager for Italy of the Rocket Internet Berlin start-up. He started at Oltre Venture in 2017 as an investment manager. He has been part of 10 investments and is currently board member of 5 portfolio companies.


Investment Manager,
Oltre Venture
Roberto Sfoglietta

Roberto has been mentioned in 100 Forbes Under 30 talents during this year. He is passionate in tech companies, start-ups, incubators and venture capitalist.


Ventive Deal & Touch and Contact
Fernando Moroy

Fernando has more than 36 years in top executive positions for Spanish leading financial institutions BBVA and Caixabank. He is the Madrid Chapter President of Keiretsu, the largest private Business Angels Network headquatered in San Francisco.


CEO, GDSFIN & President Chapter, Keiretsu Madrid
Daniela Pavlova

Senior Manager with experience in strategic planning, financial monitoring, and performance indicators. She enjoys leading teams, working in cultural diversity, participating in changes, developing human resources and incentive initiatives.


Head of SANNAS
Susana Jurado
Retrato Susana- foto.jpg

Most of Susana's professional career has focused on innovation, and in recent years, in the areas of innovation strategy, methodologies and management. Since march 2020 she is Head of Telefónica Open Innovation Campus fostering collaboration models


Head of Telefónica Open Innovation Campus
Natalia Andia
Natalia Andia.jpg

Natalia is part of the Jean-Baptiste-Say Institute in Madrid. She is interested in the creation of companies with social impact.


Program Manager, Option E, ESCP Madrid Campus
Ramón Fisac Garcia
Ramón Fisac.jpg

Ramon is a permanent affiliate professor at ESCP Business School Madrid. He is the Executive Director of the Option E track (Master in Management) and the Executive Director of the Master in Hospitality and Tourism Management.


Executive Director, Option E, ESCP Madrid Campus
Urszula Wawrzeniuk
Screenshot 2021-05-31 at 16.08.55.png

An experienced facilitator, business trainer, and consultant, Urzsula is an Agile Lead with over 6 years of experience in product delivery, change management, leadership, and coaching. 


Agile Lead,
Anna Rogowska

For over  

10 years working in IT companies on positions that are strongly connected to managing projects and relations with clients. Putting a human touch in between 0 and 1s and shaping a healthy environment for reaching customers and users business goals.


Key Account Manager,
Maeva Tordo

Maeva is the Head of Blue Factory and oversees it's START, SEED and SCALE programs aimed at founders in different stages of their entrepreneurial journey.


Head of Blue Factory,
ESCP Paris Campus
Niko Muñoz
Niko MUÑOZ Escp.jpeg

Niko has more than 25 years of expertise in transforming businesses by improving processes with customer centricity and accountability at Insurance, Entertainment, Media-Telecom, and Marketing-Advertising multinationals


Academic Director and Permanent Affiliate Professor, ESCP Madrid Campus
Lola Herrero
foto Lola Herrero.jpg

Lola has developed her professional career in the business and tourism sector having worked (among others) as Senior Consultant for General Secretariat of Tourism of Spain projects, and as a partner-founder of two companies providing management consulting and advice to MSMEs


Associate Professor Scientific Director, Jean-Baptiste Say Institute for Entrepreneurship, ESCP Madrid Campus
Sharam Yalda

An Ecologist and Economist, with expertise in Regenerative Business Design; Focused on development and funding of innovation projects through European and national Research & Innovation programmes.


Human Nation
Ronja Kirchning

Along her role at Jean-Baptiste Say Institute, Ronja is also a PhD Candidate at ESCP Business School


Internationalisation School, Jean-Baptiste Say Institute for Entrepreneurship, ESCP Berlin Campus
Sönke Mestwerdt

Along his role at Jean-Baptiste Say Institute, Sönke is also a PhD Candidate at ESCP Business School


Startup Support & Relations, Jean-Baptiste Say Institute for Entrepreneurship, ESCP Berlin Campus
Claire-Sophie Martel

Claire-Sophie works at "Business France" offered by The French Embassy. Business France provides free guidance to make your new business in France a success, regardless of your plans.


Investment Advisor, 
Business France (Invest in France)
Thomas Habib

Thomas is experienced in developing and scaling business and teams in entrepreneurial, international, B2B and fast-paced environments.


COO, Implicity

Excited by the Internationalisation Bootcamp but don't have a startup yet? #Register and we'll invite you to Day-1 of the bootcamp so that you can experience some of the MAGIC.


About Us

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